8 alternative routes in the Caribbean region

Let's go on a trip to the Caribbean countries

8 alternative routes in the Caribbean region

Small corners of paradise in the Caribbean Sea attract tourists with their snow-white sand, warm sun and the highest level of service. In addition to well-known destinations such as Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and Jamaica, there are also less popular but equally attractive islands in the Caribbean that are worth exploring. All island countries enjoy excellent weather all year round, and the rich heritage of the colonial past, represented by many house museums and magnificent mansions, blends harmoniously with the unique nature of the region, where tropical forests give way to volcanic landscapes, and the expanses of coffee plantations turn into fields of sugar cane and banana groves. 

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands occupy sixty islets in the north-eastern Caribbean Sea and are an overseas territory of Great Britain, maintaining close ties with the Mother Country. The level of service, language and culture here are English, and the currency is American. Travelers visiting the British Virgin Islands will need a lot of American dollars, as the standard of living in this archipelago is one of the highest in the region.

Many tourists arrive to the islands by ferry from neighboring small states for one or two days. What can you do here? Basically, rest and relax. The main island of Tortola is famous for its snow-white beaches and chalk cliffs, the best restaurants with Caribbean cuisine are located on Joost van Dyke, on the island of Anegada - former pirate residence - dining will be interesting as more than 200 ships sank in the coastal waters and there are plenty of interesting things to see and on Virgin Gorda there are The Baths - unique natural stone pools filled with sea water.

American Virgin Islands

The archipelago, located north of Puerto Rico and south of the British Virgin Islands, is a US territory and offers a high level of service and comfort comparable to the British Isles. The archipelago's largest island, Sao Tomas, is known as "Rock City" due to its rocky skyline. Here tourists can enjoy a variety of entertainment, such as the Ocean Park, diving and numerous festivals. Among the attractions it is worth to notice the castle of Blackbeard, the famous pirate.

The smallest island in the archipelago, St. John attracts celebrities and honeymooners who want to enjoy privacy on picturesque beaches with few visitors, as well as nature lovers thanks to its large nature reserve with hiking trails. The southern island of Santa Cruz is of interest to history buffs, as it was home to sugar cane plantations and wineries in colonial times, some of which are now small museums.


Barbados has significantly raised the bar for island holidays, offering pristine sandy beaches, green golf and cricket fields, luxury hotels, a high level of service (including traditional British tea) and a warm Caribbean climate. Here you can enjoy high-quality local rum, take part in horse racing and dance to calypso.

The west and south coasts attract tourists for beach holidays, while the wavey Atlantic east coast is popular among surfers - Bathsheba Beach is particularly famous. The cultural program includes a visit to the Andromeda Botanical Garden and the Pirate Caves Gallery. Well, Rihanna was born here and did a great job of popularizing her home island!

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is a beautiful island nation in the Caribbean with rich nature and a variety of entertainment for tourists. In general, the islands got their name because the first Europeans mistook the blue iguanas that lived here in large numbers for caimans.

The capital of George Town on Grand Cayman offers a variety of leisure options, from visiting various museums and historical sites to active recreation on beaches and water activities. Pirate caves and a turtle farm add mystery and interest to local attractions.

Little Cayman, with its wildlife and bird sanctuary, offers unique opportunities to observe the local fauna and flora. Cayman Brac can offer many caves and Parrot National Park to visit, also boasts natural beauty and unique exploration opportunities. White and black sand beaches, mangroves, stingrays and parrots make the Cayman Islands a truly amazing holiday and travel destination.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

The little-known twin islands in the southern Caribbean offer a variety of holiday options, from black sand beaches and luxury hotels to adventure immersions and historical sites. St. Kitts, the livelier of the islands, offers a variety of restaurants, bars and vibrant nightlife. On tranquil Nevis you can enjoy walking and swimming on secluded beaches. The islands are also rich in attractions, including the ancient Fort Brimstone, which was called the "Gibraltar of the West Indies" by the conquerors of these lands.

Saint Lucia

The teardrop-shaped island of Saint Lucia is the second largest of the Windward Islands and has become increasingly popular in recent years. The wildlife here is well preserved, unlike many other Caribbean islands, and holidays are relatively affordable.

In spring, the island hosts an international jazz festival, which is attended by famous musicians. Newlyweds, for whom almost half of all hotel rooms are reserved, prefer to spend their honeymoon here. Outdoor enthusiasts can head to the crater of an extinct volcano or conquer the twin Pitons mountains, rising straight out of the sea on the southwestern part of the island.

Saint-Martin (Sint Maarten)

This tiny island could not be divided between France and the Netherlands back in the 1600s, and until today, influence has remained with these two countries. This fact gives it a special flavor and diversity of cultural influences. Saint Martin and Sint Maarten offer tourists a variety of leisure and entertainment opportunities, from fine dining and fashionable parties to casinos and amazing beaches.

Maho Beach, where planes fly overhead, is truly a unique place that attracts both aviation enthusiasts and those who simply want to enjoy the beauty of nature and sea air. This island offers an unforgettable holiday for all types of tourists, and everyone can find something to suit their taste.

Turks and Caicos

A network of 40 small islands with white beaches, clear azure waters and picturesque coral reefs is an ideal place for a relaxing and secluded holiday. Most of the islands do not have permanent residents; they are inhabited only by hotel and guest house staff. The largest island, Providenciales, welcomes huge ocean liners in a pier-like port.

On Grand Turk Island, just a few hundred meters from the shore, there is a reef popular with divers that drops sharply to a depth of 2.4 kilometers. Also located here is the National Museum, where among the exhibits you can see evidence that Columbus first landed on Western soil on this island (although this statement is controversial among historians).

Holidays on the Caribbean islands cannot be called budgetary at all, but it is worth visiting this region at least once in your life in order to feel like Captain Jack Sparrow and imagine how life was here during the colonial conquests and the West Indies. Discover new corners and always stay connected with fedafone!