Big update!

New mobile internet packages and new countries

Big update!

Dear travelers!

We are very excited to tell you the great news! A couple of days ago we fully updated the fedafone service, made sure that everything worked as it should, and are ready to share it with you now. What did we do:

  1. Added a 2 GB package for 15 days for most countries;
  2. Added a 50 GB package for 30 days for popular countries;
  3. Created new packages for the "Middle East and Africa" and "North America" regions (1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 GB);
  4. Expanded the package for "Europe" (added the Canary Islands and Turkey);
  5. Expanded the "Global" bundle (now it includes 106 countries);
  6. Added 35 new countries (Caribbean region and etc.).

Stay in touch!

Best regards, fedafone team.